PVC Kömmerling Windows and Strugal Aluminium at Factory Prices

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“TECNOPVC is the official manufacturer of Kömmerling, number 1 in PVC and aluminum thermal break system, with a showroom and factory in Estepona.

Kömmerling are among the highest rated windows leading brand in Spain and Europe offering guaranteed satisfaction. This is the reason why a 10 year warranty is provided with every installation.

The obvious advantages are “sound Insulation” and “Safety & Security”. Safe windows and doors are fitted with special glazing, burglar resistant frames and fittings, and additional locks or grilles.

Whether your choice is for sliding windows, sliding doors, or lift / sliding doors. KÖMMERLING offers a wide range of sliding systems with various construction depths.

Additionally shutter systems, in their own special way, roller and French shutters, present a convincing range of functions and characteristic advantages.

Another of the great advantages of Kömmerling and its range of products is the wide range of finishes available to achieve the desired windows look. There are more than 100 finishes to choose from between smooth, metallic and wood.

All these reasons make this brand of PVC windows the undisputed leader in Spain, the rest of Europe and Latin America with millions of satisfied customers.

If you are looking for efficient windows, this is one of the best options on the market available at your local TECNOPVC factory.”

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