Katty Sardi: An invitation to emotional exploration.

Katty Sardi, is an Artist born in Venezuela and based in Palma de Mallorca, her artwork stands out as a portal to the inner world, an intricate exploration of emotions captured in vibrant hues and fluid forms. Her artistic journey, marked by Intuitive painting and the use of fluid inks, invites viewers to immerse themselves in a universe where words fade away and emotions come to life. 

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts and a Master’s Degree in Design. She is also the driving force behind her personal and professional brand, Sardik In Katty Sardi’s words, we find the echo of her personal journey towards authenticity and well-being after navigating a challenging period in her life, she immersed herself in intuitive art as a means to listen to her own voice and express her deepest essence. Her artistic practice became a journey of self-knowledge, an intuitive quest that has allowed her to regain confidence and reconnect with her essence. 

Abstract art stands as Sardik’s primary language, a means to describe her path, her limits and her constant inner exploration. Fluid inks, become her allies, enabling the free expression and manifestation of her emotions. 

Intuitive painting emerges as the core of Katty Sardi’s artistic practice. This free and personally transformative process allows her to connect with her creativity in a genuine way. Although the process is fluid and open-ended, the finished result always reflects her presence and authenticity. Her creations, imbued with energy and movement, invite viewers to immerse themselves in a sea of emotions, where colours become true bearers of meaning. 


Katty Sardi’s experience with Excellence Art Gallery has been profoundly enriching and positive. Through this collaboration, the artist has had the opportunity to exhibit her work at International Art Fairs in various cities such as Paris, Monaco, and Brussels, among others, significantly contributing to her professional growth and artistic recognition. 

For Katty Sardi, Excellence Art Gallery has represented more than just a simple exhibition platform; it has been a space where her art has found a vibrant and welcoming home. Giuseppe Carnevale, owner and artistic director of the gallery, along with the great artist Massimo Cedrirn, have valued and promoted her work, allowing her to connect with a wider and more diverse audience. 

Through this collaboration, Katty Sardi has experienced significant personal and professional growth The opportunity to exhibit her art in different cities has provided her with new perspectives and expanded her artistic horizons. An Invitation to Emotional Exploration for Katty Sardi, Art is more than just aesthetic representation; it’s a bridge to emotional connection. Through her experience with intuitive painting she invites us to explore the complexity of the human experience and immerse ourselves in a journey where emotions become the true protagonist. 

Additionally, connecting with the public through Excellence Art Gallery lias enriched her experience as an artist fueling her passion and commitment to art as a means of expression and Emotional connection. 

Soon, this journey will continue in Barcelona, where Katty Sardi will once again participate as one of the selected artists, presenting at Excellence Art Gallery, which is clearly a space where beauty, emotion, and reflection intertwine to inspire and enrich both the participating artists and those who have the privilege of visiting these artistic exhibitions. 

For any information, please contact: Giuseppe Carnevale +34642219129 Artistic Director of Excellence Art Gallery info@excellenceartgallery.com 



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