Winter at the door and the newspapers and
TV have started worrying us by predicting
another and even more serious COVID 19
pandemic. Already they are stating an
increase of COVID cases in various parts of
the world especially the UK.
It is of no surprise that as soon as one gets a
cold, a sore throat and or some fever, the first
thing that comes to mind is: “Did I catch
To make things worse we have heard time
after time that the numbers of COVID cases
and Flu are not correct and that many flu
cases are reported as COVID.
From this month in Spain, it is now possible
to buy a test that detects if it is COVID-19 or
flu. The single test detects COVID-19 and flu
and is available from all pharmacies at just
under 3€. It will also identify the strain of
influenza that one may be having.

ED Gladstone
Author: ED Gladstone

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