Don’t let hair loss be a problem


Hair loss is one of the aesthetic concerns that affects most people. In the majority of cases, hair loss has an androgenic origin, in other words, it is hereditary, but sometimes it is also due to other factors such as hormonal changes, diets, stress or unhealthy habits such as smoking or alcohol drinking.

Nowadays, there are minimally invasive treatments that help to recover and delay this hair loss, without the need to suffer this condition in silence.

Dr Ana Tellez, a specialist in aesthetic medicine at HC Marbella’s aesthetic unit, explains the different treatments available depending on each person’s circumstances.


When hair loss is mainly associated with hormonal changes and the patient notices hair loss or thinning areas, a Carboxytherapy treatment is usually recommended.

Carboxytherapy consists of a small injection of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) into the scalp which produces the Bohr Effect, haemoglobin liberates the oxygen to the tissues. The CO2 injected is transformed into oxygen (O2) and this oxygen directly nourishes the hair follicle base, strengthening the weakest hair and preventing it from falling out.

This treatment works on both men and women. It is very effective, drastically reducing hair loss and obtaining visible results in very few sessions.


When hair loss has a hereditary component, that is, androgenetic alopecia, the most recommended treatment is PRP (Platelet- Rich Plasma).

This treatment consists of extracting a patient´s blood sample. The blood sample is centrifuged, extracting platelet rich plasma and then injected into the scalp intradermally. In this way, we supply growth factors to stimulate and improve hair growth.

Led Light phototherapy

To stimulate the growth of both hair and nails, LED light phototherapy is recommended.

Phototherapy, also called Light Therapy consists of exposing the area to be treated, whether it is skin, hair or nails to an intermediate intensity light, somewhere between the intensity of the sunlight and that of a powerful laser light. The light emitted stimulates the photoreceptors that induce biological responses that modify some cell structures, leading to self-healing, thus achieving the desired results.

All these treatments are minimally invasive, very effective and can be applied either as a single treatment or combined. At the HC Marbella aesthetic unit, we will advise you on the most appropriate treatment for your condition.

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