Beware the taxman cometh!

Is it not an excellent tool that enables you to find and contact long lost friends and family anywhere in the world? Facebook is certainly achieving this.

Who are you kidding?

The important is not to know everything, but to know where to find the answer. There is a difference between visitors and unique visitors.

Safety Nets

Security on the Internet is a question that still perplexes many users, from giving credit card numbers for online shopping to reducing the risk of eavesdroppers getting to sensitive information.

Surf up!

The future’s bright, the future’s silver! Get you techno boards out, rise up and conquer. Ironically the web is often seen as a young person’s domain, but that could not be further from the truth.

Need a Big Dong?

Annoyed with unknown spammers? At least do something about those you can identify and help to clean up the act.

Creating an Online Business (4º)

Sometimes it is easier to see what not to do, than what to do. Indeed, it is often said, “people learn more on the way down than on the way up.” In this month’s column we will consider some of the reasons why businesses fail…