Artistic voice against animal cruelty: “AMOR EST VITAE ESSENTIA”

On December 13th, the Cosentino City Malaga brand facilities became the backdrop for the exhibition entitled “AMOR EST VITAE ESSENTIA.”


Presented by the Excellence Art Gallery of Marbella and curated by the artistic direction of Giuseppe Carnevale, this thought-provoking exhibition showcased approximately twenty works by the Italian artist Massimo Cedrini through an unprecedented series of paintings. Cedrini aimed to ignite a profound reflection on the mistreatment of the animal world by humans, concurrently urging a heightened awareness and respect for the environment.


The collection, having traversed international arenas such as Paris, Monaco, Zurich, Innsbruck, Luxembourg, Brussels, Milan, Venice, New York, Sao Paolo, Miami, and New York, has now found its way to Malaga. Part of it had been previously exhibited at the Brussels International Contemporary Art Fair on November 24 and in Monaco last August. Following its stint in Malaga, the complete collection will grace Barcelona for the Contemporary Art Fair in April next year.


Massimo Cedrini’s works encapsulate a profound reflection, serving as a provocative invitation to meditation. Some pieces in the collection are accompanied by textual elements incorporated by the artist, symbolizing a desperate cry toward a yet-to-awaken consciousness. According to Cedrini, this lack of awakening serves as a hindrance for humanity to rediscover its atavistic mission: to love and appreciate everything that the universe has created. This, in turn, is the key to forging a new world where technology acts as the true platform of union between machines and conscious humans, with the latter in control.


Presented by Massimo Cedrini and Giuseppe Carnevale of the Excellence Art Gallery, the collection will be on display throughout the Christmas holidays in the elegant Cosentino Malaga facilities until February 15, 2024. The confirmed presence of notable figures, including the Consul of Panama, Mr. Francisco Gandullo, and key personalities from the Design Institute of Spain, further underscores the significance of this exhibition.


A special mention goes to the collaborators who have played an integral role in supporting the event’s dissemination, including Arte por Excelencias, Spain Premium, Essential Marbella, Deco Marbella, Design Institute of Spain, Biancoscuro, Italian’s News, Advicetourism, Web Express Guide, Society, Eddk, Design Week Malaga, Exclusive Life Magazine, Al Sol de la Costa, Marbella Chic, Vivi Marbella, and Marbella O’ Clock.


As part of our ongoing commitment to artistic promotion, Excellence Art Gallery is delighted to announce its collaboration with the Design Week Malaga international fair of design, architecture, and art, scheduled from September 9 to 15, 2024, at the Malaga Fair and Congress Palace.


We extend our heartfelt thanks to all collaborators and look forward to the continued support of our shared artistic endeavours.


For further information, please contact: Giuseppe Carnevale Artistic Director, Excellence Art Gallery +34642219129