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It’s amazing what you can negotiate when you book a cruise as a group!

Marbella Cruisers is not a formal club or a travel agency. (No alliances) We are a group of likeminded people who enjoy quality cruising without the stress of researching the best ships, best itinerary’s and of course the best price.   And… you are invited to join us.

Our group includes some very experienced cruisers, whose experience you can benefit from, as they always contribute their knowledge to our next choice of cruise.

We always book through our registered cruise agency in England who have been in business, under the same ownership, for over thirty years and are highly respected by all the cruise line companies.

This ensures that all of your payments are financially protected. They know us well and, in return for making our group booking as soon as a new cruise is scheduled, they negotiate us a huge ‘early booking’ discount (we are usually the first group to book) and a ‘large group’ discount because we are always more than 100 passengers.

All the best Mediterranean cruise liners sail from and return to Barcelona in Spain or Italy. So, to make absolutely certain that we don’t miss the ships departure (cruise ships don’t wait for anyone) we always stay over, the night before, in a luxury hotel (we also get a group discount here) where we get together for a Dinner before we cruise. The purpose of the pre cruise Dinner is to start building new friendships before boarding the ship the following morning.
UP TO HALF PRICE EXCURSIONS. Because of the size of our group we always have enough people wanting to take each different excursion to secure prices at between 30% and 50% less than the prices offered by the cruise companies. We invariably have a coach all to ourselves and always an English speaking ‘Tour Guide’. This alone can save you up to 400 Euros on each cruise depending on how many excursions you choose to take.
Just another advantage of booking with Marbella Cruisers.
Once on board our chosen liner we always, because of the size of our group, negotiate our own ballroom ‘exclusively’ for at least three of the evenings at sea. It’s an opportunity to catch up with new friends, share photographs and talk about excursions ashore. The ships entertainment officer always invites Colin Gausden to DJ, which means you have direct access to whatever dance music you enjoy; Jive, ballroom, disco or just good old fashioned smooch!
Making it stress free
Organisation/Secretarial fee:There is no membership fee for our ‘Marbella Cruisers’ group and your cruise and hotel payments are all made directly to the cruise agent by debit or credit card.
That said; there is a lot of work 365 days every year to make all these arrangements, taking the risk of guaranteeing the cruise companies a minimum of 100 passengers (to get the best discount) and being available, with support staff, from door to door on every cruise. For this there is a charge of 50 Euros per person for each trip. That’s it, no more no less!
 It’s amazing what discounts you can get when you book early and negotiate as a large group.

‘Marbella Cruisers’ is a group of people that enjoy cruising, we include many very experienced cruisers so, we know what to look for. We are fussy about which ships we cruise on and always set out to get the best price deal possible.


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