If you are an experienced cruiser

you will know that Marbella Cruisers always negotiate their cruise prices with a minimum of 100 passengers. This secures ‘GROUP PRICES’ which are the ‘LOWEST CRUISE PRICES’ you can get. PLUS, and equally important, our prices always include dining, of course, in a choice of restaurants, plus all your drinks are always included at every bar and restaurant 24/7, and gratuities are included! Yes that is correct you don’t have to pay tips which most cruise lines now add to your final bill.


If you are new to cruising, you will find our company, door to door’ can be quite helpful. We are available, at the same place on the ship, at the same time every day to answer questions and to help you make the most of everything the ship has to offer. On excursion days you will find us at the bottom of the ships exit gangway to show you to your coach and introduce you to your tour guide. When necessary we secure ‘GROUP’ discounts on hotels and we arrange coaches to take us from the hotel to the ship.


When the saving on your cruise price is added to the discounts we get on our ‘GROUP EXCURSION’ prices the average saving per person, based on the last 580 passengers that booked with Marbella Cruisers, is between £350 and £600 per person depending on the duration of the cruise. (7 or 14 nights) There is no fee to join Marbella Cruisers, just a €50 organization/administration fee P.P on each cruise, to contribute to the advertising costs to ensure a minimum of 100 passengers on every cruise which then secures our ‘GROUP PRICE’. As soon as a cruise is announced we reserve a range of the best positioned cabins on a selection of the more popular decks and we negotiate hard. YOUR CRUISE PAYMENTS ARE FINANCIALLY PROTECTED

Every cruise deposit and every cruise final payment is, for your protection, made to Travelfinders, a London based company, registered with all the relevant financial protection agencies and has been under the same ownership for 32 years. Every booking Marbella Cruisers has made over the past 4 years (that’s 580 passengers) has been through Travelfinders and not one complaint.

Once you have decided to join us, the earlier you pay the £100 PP deposit and €50€ PP organization fee the better chance you have of securing the cabin style you prefer and on which part of the ship you prefer your cabin to be located.

For 2022 we are holding… “APRIL CRUISE” 50 CABINS


Each block of cabins we are holding is divided into different styles. 20% inside cabins 30% outside (window) cabins and 50% balcony cabins.

For 2022 Marbella Cruisers have selected four very different luxury cruises and you are invited to join us… APRIL “AT THE COPA COPACABANA” The hottest spot north of Havana. Yes, we are off to the hottest spot north of Havana, staying for as many nights as we wish at the luxurious Hilton Hotel, on ‘Copacabana Beach’ just £69 per night. Our MSC ship leaves Rio de Janeiro on 8th April bringing us back to Cadiz & Lisbon in a ‘Fantastica’ grade cabin + all your food, drinks & WIFI included 24/7 at a really low ‘GROUP CABIN PRICE’ (15 nights) + your flight to Rio.

JUNE “TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE” The beautiful MSC Grandiosa, (sister ship to the Virtuosa) cruising for 14 nights though the BalticSea to St Petersburg and then on to the Norwegian Fjords is a ‘Once in a Lifetime Cruise’. MSC has even secured the famous ‘Cirque Soleil’ to perform throughout the cruise. It is the entertainment and the breath taking scenery of the Fjords that means you will remember this cruise for the rest of your life.

AUGUST “THE HEAT IS ON” In Spain, in August, it does get very hot! The roads are one long traffic jam, parking is impossible and your air-con bill is through the roof. It’s time to ‘escape’. The NCL Escape is wall to wall ‘Air Con’ AND all your drinks 24/7 included, AND gratuities included. Yes, we are off for 10 days to explore Rome, Athens, Sicily, Naples, Malta and a handful of beautiful Greek Islands. Really low ‘GROUP PRICES’


This is our budget price, ‘LAID BACK’ fun cruise out of Malaga. It’s 9 nights around the Mediterranean. In 2021 this cruise attracted 200 of us, from the coast, enjoying the ease of being on the ship and in the bar within a few hours of leaving home. No flights just wait at your local bus stop & our private coaches will take you to the ship & on our return… they are waiting to bring you home (Coaches are an optional extra).


Christmas is fun but can be stressful! Cooking, washing up, cleaning up, who to invite and who not to invite. OUR Christmas, including New Year’s Eve, ‘CHAMPAGNE CRUISE’ means NO WORK AT ALL! Just relax, enjoy the inclusive drinks, spectacular shows and maybe even meet up with friends that have cruised with us before. Tell the world…you just sailed away!

For more information including: cabin prices, dates, itinerary, transport & how to pay your deposit and secure your cabin… EMAIL


Wouldn’t it be nice, to have the opinion on our services and our prices from people that have cruised with us before. If you look carefully you may even know someone.

My husband and I have cruised with Colin twice. He has great organisation skills and deals with queries promptly and efficiently. Also very good value We have made lots of new friends and look forward to cruising with him again.

Bob and Christine, La Cala. We’ve enjoyed some great cruises with Marbella Cruisers, exceptional value and such fun with a friendly crowd. Always superb entertainment and excursions plus dancing with all our friends from Spain. Very pleased to recommend. Jane and Keith, Dorset England.

My wife and I have been cruising every year for many years and know exactly where to check prices. Since we found Marbella Cruisers we have cruised with them twice, are booked again for October 2021 and 2022. Well organized and excellent value. Gerry and Yvonne, Duquesa.

Every cruise and every excursion has been excellent value and never any pressure to join group events. Our last cruise on newly built ‘Symphony of the Seas’ was a special triumph – We are booked and looking forward to October 2021. Dawn and Shahnaz England.

As a single sailor I have cruised with Marbella Cruisers on three cruises and have booked for 2022. They make a point of introducing me to lots of people and I have made many friends and always feel totally included. Everyone is so friendly. Lolita Kessels, Marbella Spain. We have had many wonderful experiences and adventures with this lovely couple. We have dined and danced and cruised with them. Their organization skills are ‘spot on’ and you always get what is promised and then some, at a very fair price. Steve and Joan, El Paraiso Spain. We caught the cruising bug on our first ever cruise with Marbella cruisers. We are looking forward to making more cruise memories with Colin on luxury ships at incredible prices. We have booked again for 2021. Always very friendly and well organized. Eunice and Laurie, Mijas Spain.

We were unsure if we were “cruise people” but persuaded by the low price of Marbella Cruisers’ first cruise…We loved it and since been on all of their cruises, we are booked again this year and for next! Colin and Natalie have a talent of making everyone feel welcome Grant and Cara La Cala.

Marbella Cruises offer what we expect from luxury cruising – competitive pricing using modern vessels, low-priced well organised shore tours along with a service that really is “with you all the way”. Delighted to recommend Marbella Cruisers to anyone. Mike and Ann, Duquesa.

Dancing the night away in the middle of the ocean! Who better to look after you from start to finish than Colin and Natalie. Being new to cruising, we found that having them available every day at the same place was really useful and we soon became good friends. Pete and Ellen, Monda.

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