Fresh Italian ice-cream made daily on the premises in Estepona. Also serving original Italian cappuccinos, delicious crepes, cakes and gateau plus a variety of paninis

This deliciously typical Italian Cafeteria, located in a charming square in Estepona, in addition to the ambience, it provides the very authentic Italian coffee, cappuccinos, delicious crêpes and a variety of paninis.

And their speciality is:
An incredible variety of very tempting, delicious ice-creams of different flavours. Also smoothies and cocktails, with fresh fruit.

All genuinely, 100% manufactured on the premises to own Italian recipe every morning.

Home Made Ice Cream
Cakes & Gateau
Italian Capuccino
Paninii -Smoothies

Plaza Doctor Arce - Estepona, Malaga


+34 952 80 55 96