HEALTHIES FOOD&FITNESS is not just a restaurant or a gym. HEALTHIES FOOD&FITNESS is the two – TOGETHER!

The first ever resto-gym of its kind in Spain.

At HEALTHIES FOOD&FITNESS we have put together the two key items to get in shape. For the first time ever in the history of fitness you can get your diet and your training done all in one go and in the same place.

HEALTHIES FOOD&FITNESS was created as the ultimate solution to get in shape.

Everyone knows nutrition and exercise must work together in synergy if you want to achieve the results you deserve. One can´t work without the other.

It has never been so easy and affordable to get in shape.

Get in touch with us via Whats-app, Facebook, or just come to our resto-gym for a chat with our experts.

Our nutrition and exercise plans start from just 85€

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