The T6 Method for losing weight but maintaining your overall health.


During summer, the holidays arrive and the excesses that often bring with them a few extra kilos that are difficult to get rid of. To shed these extra kilos, we usually turn to ineffective weight loss regimes that lead to a lot of frustration and anxiety without achieving our goal, which can even lead to the dreaded rebound effect.

At HC Marbella, Dr Téllez, a stomatologist, maxillofacial, and dietician specialist, has developed an effective pioneering system, the T6 Method, which helps us to achieve our goal without feeling hungry, and allow us to take care of our bodies without neglecting our health.

What does the T6 Method consist of?

This treatment consists of the neurostimulation of the T6 stomach dermatome. Through a small needle, similar to acupuncture needles, a low voltage electric current is applied to a specific area on the abdomen.

This small electric current works on the stomach neural system dilating the stomach wall by a few millimetres, enough to lower the appetite and anxiety regulating hormone called Ghrelin.

The treatment is accompanied by dietary guidelines based on an anti-ageing and longevity diet, and optimal nutrition, eliminating from the diet those unhealthy foods which cause autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular events, etc. etc.

A change in diet usually results in the feeling of hunger and anxiety and this is avoided with the T6 Method. The combination of both actions make that our bodies notice the benefits from the first week. 90% of patients experience a loss of appetite and anxiety from the first session.

How many sessions are needed?

The treatment consists of 10 sessions of 30 minutes each, once a week.

From the first week, you will feel the loss of appetite and anxiety, but it is important to create a habit with the procedure. To have an effective weight loss and without a rebound effect, it is important to complete the 10 sessions.

¿How much weight is lost?

The approximate weight lost ranges from 10 to 12 Kilos. Thanks to the diet associated with the treatment, the loss of volume is much higher than it would otherwise be, as the proposed diet is also anti-inflammatory, eliminating swelling.

A permanent solution to those extra kilos, based on your health care and in the hands of medical professionals.

Ana María Téllez Delgado

Aesthetic Medicine

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