New opening of animal wellness clinic in Calahonda.


As a regular veterinary surgeon, she is taking care of dogs, cats and pets in general, however she has also been very busy working with horses.

She was always very interested in natural and complementary medicine and, while at University, she took courses in homeopathy and, once obtained her veterinary degree, she qualified in Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture) and veterinary chiropractic.
As a certified member of the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association, she is one of the very few people here in Spain legally permitted to treat animals with chiropractic.

Additionally she has studied equine and canine rehabilitation in the UK with Amanda Sutton (animal physiotherapist of the three day event team at the Olympics in Atlanta) and taken various specialisation courses.
Any dogs with arthrosis, lameness, hip dysphasia, sore muscles, muscle trauma, etc. can now find a cure at her clinic in Calahonda.
Her veterinary assistant, Mijam Terlingen is a UK certified Bach flower and aroma therapist for dogs and horses as well as a grooming specialist, which means that your pets can have a lovely and relaxing day at her grooming salon.
For further information please look at or call 687 87 03 28

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