More than just GAGGING

While the press and would be demonstrators protest to safeguard their freedom of expression and opinion, the so called “gagging” law goes beyond apparencies.

Penalties have been set and divided into three categories:

Very Serious Offences with penalties between €30.001 and €600.00
Serious Offences ranging between €601 and €30.000
Light Offences starting at €100 to €600

For the sake of this article we shall list the light offences which would affect everyone walking in the street.

  1. Holding demonstrations without first reporting to the authorities.
  2. Intimidating people with the use objects that threaten injury of death.
  3. Failure to adhere to pedestrian traffic restrictions or itinerary during a public event.
  4. Lack of respect and consideration for members of the Security Forces in the performance of their duties.
  5. Inciting against sexual freedom and or perform obscene acts.
  6. Shining lights with any device on members of the Security Forces that prevent or hinder their duties.
  7. The occupation of houses and unauthorized street selling
  8. Failure to report the loss or theft of a weapon.
  9. Irregularities in providing information in respect of public safety as required by this Act.
  10. Not having the legally required personal documents or failing to report their loss.
  11. Negligence in looking after the legally required personal documents, after a third loss in one year.
  12. Refusing to give documents to the police.
  13. Causing damage to movable or immovable property of public or private use that are in the street.
  14. Climbing buildings or monuments without authorization when there is risk of damage.
  15. The removal of fences, curbs or other fixed or movables placed by the Security Forces to define security perimeters.
  16. Letting loose dangerous animals or keeping pets and animals in conditions that endanger their life.
  17. The consumption of alcohol in public places when disturbing public peace
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