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The world of construction is an art that many claim to know, although the reality is that only few are the ones who can boast to master all of its aspects. The most relevant point is that, before any new project, all of its aspects must be taken into account, including the smallest detail, always seeking perfection.

MATECNO SL, a company founded more than 25 years ago, is a team of experts in the integral management of projects, offering the client a personalized attention during the different phases of the project, while always looking for the highest standards of quality and complying with the established deadlines without economic  deviations.

The company is led by Mr. Vicente Boscá, a technical architect with a long career spanning more than 30 years, which is reflected in the extensive portfolio of completed promotions of all kinds, from interior home renovations to luxurious villas, going through to industrial buildings, blocks of houses, apartment blocks and so on.

In addition, MATECNO SL always seeks excellence and evolution embracing the future, given that in such a changing domain, it is essential to always be at the  forefront, combining tradition and experience with design and vision of the future.

This is why MATECNO SL is committed to introducing the latest technologies available in the market in all its projects. With the help of Oscar Boscá, technical architect and building engineer, MATECNO SL, is committed to the introduction of the BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodology, which monitors the complete life cycle of a building, from the beginning to its completion, using computer tools that allow to control all construction parameters down to the millimetre (deadlines, costs, future building maintenance etc.)


As a result of this, and thanks to the trust placed by customers and investors, MATECNO SL is currently engaged in different various projects, among which the creation and development of an important high performance equestrian centre, where the best horses of the world will train, as well as an annexed rural boutique hotel for riders and other persons relating to the centre.

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