If you have ever said that you wanted to be an astronaut, well here is your chance to prove that you are right. It needs your parents’ consent and money! An adventure at a US Space Camp. Activities include Space Shuttle simulations, training simulators, rocket building & launches, lectures and so on. See www.spacecamp.com and it does not seem that dear.
What about doing some surfing of your own? Have a look at www.kidsites. net – Searching the directory should be quite entertaining, particularly if you are looking for something specific. There are many topics such as entertainment, sports, hobbies, computers and Internet, what’s cool, and even homework helpers and languages. You may well need to know about this one!
Do you know what are “bicuspids” ? O.K., how about an easier one, “Incisors”? No? Well you certainly need to brush up on your dentistry as well as your teeth. At ! www.adha.org/kidstuff/index.html, you will find out the answer to your most common questions and if you play the game you might also win a toothbrush. You will not need to be asked to brush your teeth again.
This another good site for the whole family, it seems quite wholesome. Involve your parents and discover the numerous activities at www.familyeducation.com – Quiz challenges, reading activities, science, researching the family tree, how the world works, tips for family holidays and if that is not enough, why not select a subject in activities and see what you get. You might find this of some help with your homework too, atlas, dictionary and encyclopaedia are also included.

Some rare stamps can be worth a lot of money, this is one of the incentives that motivate stamp collectors. Every philatelist will have collected some stamps that are a bit of a mystery and the niggling question arises: “Is this worth anything?”. At www.raster-it/stefano/a/default.htm, you may well find the answer to your question and should you not find what you are looking for, you can e-mail a copy of the item or as many items you need to find out about and they will publish the answer on the site within the gallery listings. , after making the research. There are lots of other useful and interesting bits of information, including links to other sites.

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