International Art Exhibition at Casino Marbella: Emotive and Powerful Works

Casino Marbella
casino marbella

On April 27, Casino Marbella opens its doors to present “The Night of Excellence”, the new international collective exhibition by Excellence Art Gallery.

The Italian gallery owner Massimo Cedrini will exhibit his set of figurative works “Le Vele”, where an impressionist style made in oil stands out. On the other hand, Samuel Benarroch will take us to the most spiritual part of him with his intimate painting of abstract lines. The original methacrylate paintings on canvas by Pilar Segarra representing domestic interiors or poetic gardens are joined by the sculptures of the Spanish artist Juan Manuel Silva, inviting us to reflect attentively on the current situation of society. The Argentine Irma Vitale will present us with an ode to nature with her works inspired by the design and construction of gardens.

Meanwhile, Consuelo Buesa will show her Pop Art style with which she gives free rein to her creativity representing faces of famous people. Ivanna Plaza Frattari, originally from Argentina, focuses her abstract painting on the world of interior design, presenting her latest collection made in Marbella. In turn, in the paintings of the American artist Matthew Gabler Lamb we can observe an abstract figuration that reminds us, due to its chromaticism, of the great “Miró”. Paco de la Cruz and the Austrian Lilja Bloom will capture their interest in the female world. The painting by José Rivas from Cordoba winks at the essence of Andalusian agriculture. Putting the finishing touch, the Frenchman Kamien Cholewinsky will close the range of this new exhibition with his conceptual photographs inspired by his muse, the renowned expressionist artist Alyosha Serafín.

As a show of support for culture and the gallery, magazines such as Exclusive Life Magazine, Italian s News, Biancoscuro Art Magazine and Arte por Excelencias, among others, will be present during the opening event. In addition to the participation of “El Club Nacional del Lujo Español Spain Premium”, “Advice Tourism” and “Design Institute of Spain” as special guests representing the relevant national business environment.

The collection, presented by Massimo Cedrini and Giuseppe Carnevale, from Excellence Art Gallery, can be visited for free at Casino Marbella from April 27, from 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.

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