The company now comprises a team of highly qualified professionals capable of providing high-tech solutions in all types of needs and in the latest and most up to date
electronic developments. In addition to the latest SONY developments, you can also experience the latest developments in sound by SONOS as well as a number of other well-known products.

A relevant factor contributing to the success of this company is that their technical service, backed by a professional team with a fleet of vans at their disposal can speedily respond to any need quickly and efficiently be it electrical problems, electrical installations, repairs and maintenance, computers, internet, image and sound, surveillance, security, illumination in fact they can deal with anything relating electronics for the home or business.

It is this dedication to this specialized field that has naturally developed in the formation of a second company EDISONING, also based in Sotomarket, Sotogrande. This is where the company is concentrating all its expertise dedicated to home automation to create you smart home, your internet connected residence controlled and managed by remote monitoring.

Using your central panel, the size of a tablet or even just your mobile phone, EDISONING will enable you to control and inspect every room of your whole house or business from your armchair wherever in the world you may be sitting.

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