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Sentencing powers. Magistrates in England and
Wales will be able to jail offenders for up to a year,
under plans to tackle a backlog in the crown courts
and speed up justice, the Government has
announced. The change will allow the more serious
cases heard by magistrates to be sentenced by them
too; currently, cases where the offence carries a jail
term of more than six months must be referred to
the crown court for sentencing. The Guardian

Pottering’ helps your heart. Experts have found
that spending four hours a day “up and about” on
“pottering” activities such as cooking, washing up,
gardening and showering can reduce your risk of
heart disease. The study, undertaken by researchers
at the University of California, San Diego, found
that “all movement counts” towards preventing
heart disease. The News should encourage older
people “to get out of their chairs and onto their feet
as much as possible every day”. The Times

Choose your emoji wisely. Office workers have
been warned that the meaning attributed to emojis
differs widely according to age. Older people, for
instance, use the winking face to mean “I’m
kidding”, whereas young people see it as flirty.
Whereas, the smiling face is used by older people to
suggest joy or approval, the young use it to convey
deep exasperation. The Guardian

Veggies have ‘lower cancer risk’. Vegetarians have a
14% lower chance of developing cancer than
meat-eaters, according to researchers from Oxford
University, who analysed the data of more than
470,000 Brits. Male vegetarians have a 31% lower
risk of prostate cancer, while the risk is 20% lower
for male pescatarians. The Vegetarian Society said
the study’s result “adds to a growing body of research
reinforcing the positive, protective effects of a
vegetarian diet”, but the researchers pointed out that

smoking and body fat could have also been contrib-
uting factors. The Daily Mail

Changing the clocks is bad for your health.
Daylight saving time increases the rate of strokes
and heart attacks; and even causes car crashes. In
spring, many countries move clocks forward by an
hour to make the evenings longer; while mornings
get lighter later. In autumn, they move clocks back
an hour, which gives more morning light. Daylight
saving was introduced in WW1 to save energy by
reducing electric lighting, but scientists say it
disrupts the circadian rhythm that regulates our
sleep patterns. The US Senate has just voted to make
summertime permanent, after experts said sticking
to one time zone would be better for all. World
Economic Forum

UK faces protracted recession. The Bank of
England warned the UK will fall into recession as it
raised interest rates by 0.5 percentage points to
1.75%, the biggest interest rates in 27 years. In a
dramatic set of forecasts for the economy, the Bank
said inflation will surge above 13%, causing the
worst squeeze on living standards for more than 60
years. Meanwhile, the regulator Ofgem has been
accused of an “inhumane” move after its latest
changes to the price cap meant energy bills could
more than double to £4,200 a year by January. The

Charles accepted £1m from Bin Ladens. Prince
Charles accepted a £1m payment from the family of
Osama bin Laden. The Prince of Wales secured the
money from Bakr bin Laden, the patriarch of the
Saudi family, and his brother Shafiq – half-brothers
of the founder of al-Qaeda who masterminded the
September 11 attacks. Charles reportedly accepted
the money despite objections of advisers, with one
household staff member “shouted down”. A
Clarence House spokeswoman said: “The Prince of
Wales’ Charitable Fund has assured us that thorough
due diligence was undertaken in accepting this
donation.” The Sunday Times

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