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Where is the world’s safest city? It’s now in
Europe, as Tokyo dropped from the top spot.
Copenhagen made it to the top of the list, with the
inclusion of environmental security as a pillar of
the methodology giving the Danish capital a
boost. London was the only British city that made
the top 60, ranked at number 15. Amsterdam and
Stockholm made it into the top 10, while several
other European capitals fell just outside the top
20, including Madrid (21) and Paris (23). e
Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) also measured
digital, health, infrastructure and personal safety
across 60 cities – all of which have been impacted
by the pandemic. CNBC

The bottom line. Most voters still want to see
Boris Johnson resign, according to the latest Opinion poll. Although there has been a drop in the
proportion of voters who want the prime minister
to stand aside, the new poll showed that 53% still
wanted to see him go – down 10 points since
January. Johnson has a net approval rating of -27,
a 6-point improvement on the last poll a fortnight
ago. The Observer

Coffee can reduce risk of stroke. Drinking a cup
of coffee a day can reduce the risk of a stroke by a
fifth, according to a new study. Researchers at
Semmelweis University in Budapest said data from
almost half a million Britons showed people who
drank a moderate amount of coffee – anything
from half a cup to three cups a day – were 21% less
likely to have a stroke than people who eschewed
coffee completely. The Daily Telegraph

The bottom line. A Savanta ComRes poll has
revealed that 60% of British adults wish their life
was “more simple”, while 41% say the pace of life
is too much for them, up from 30% in 1983.
More than half wish they could “slow down”.
Daily Mail

Covid may shrink the brain. A Covid infection
may shrink the brain, with degeneration happening
three times faster than normal for middle-aged
people, according to a new study. The University of
Oxford selected 401 people who caught the virus
and compared scans of their brains before and after
infection. They found shrinkage and tissue damage
in regions linked to smell and mental capacities
months after the subjects tested positive. e study’s
authors said that “significantly greater cognitive
decline… was seen in the Covid-19 positive group”.
Daily Telegraph

How to find joy in your work. People spend a lot of
time at their jobs. Some may love what they do, but
many others are less than thrilled by their day-to-day
work. There are some basic steps people can take to
find a job they enjoy; including: [1] Get to know
themselves and what they value. [2] Align those
values and needs to prospective employers and roles.
[3] Be realistic about your capabilities. [4] Keep
your momentum going. Editor

Start-ups aim to make 90 the new 50. A cadre of
tech billionaires wants to make 90 the new 50. Peter
Thiel, Jeff Bezos and Yuri Milner are among the
investors pouring some of their fortunes into
anti-aging research, e Guardian reports. And
they’re doing so Silicon Valley-style, pumping
billions into start-ups and hiring scientific dream
teams to helm their labs. Thiel has said he wants to
live to 120, but the draw isn’t necessarily just the
promise of extending healthy life. As a molecular
geneticist said, some of these developments are
“going to make someone a lot of money.” The

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