Amazon buy Hollywood’s MGM. In its second-largest acquisition after supermarket chain Whole Foods, Amazon has agreed to buy iconic Hollywood studio MGM Holdings for $8.45 billion. The move shows the new emphasis placed by the e-commerce giant on entertainment – and its budding role in the streaming wars as it bulks up Prime Video. Known for “The Pink Panther, “Rocky” and the James Bond franchise, MGM was founded in the silent film era. The Guardian

Idea of the week. Many of us tend to be hard on ourselves when we make even the smallest of mistakes. But berating ourselves for a slight slip up is unhealthy and unhelpful. Here are a couple actions I’ve found to be more effective at pulling me out of a setback-induced slump. Treat myself like I would treat a friend. Remind myself that I am a person who is learning. Think of all the things I’ve done well. Editor

Young more likely to be scammed. People aged between 21 and 30 are the most likely to have reported being conned in recent months, according to a new survey. Although pensioners are widely perceived as an easy target for scammers seeking to steal their savings, the study by Barclays found that over-70s were the victim in only 4.1 % of cases they had recorded. Con artists are also targeting people aged 11 to 20, with this group representing 10% of total purchase scam victims. The Independent

Don’t let jealousy own your work. Jealous of your co-worker’s fancy promotion or team meeting shout-out? Don’t let it overcome you. It’s easy to fall into a comparison trap at work but addressing feelings of envy and anxiety can be helpful to one’s career. Start by acknowledging your feelings instead of judging or burying them. Then use those feelings as fuel to hype yourself up rather than waiting for others to recognize your accomplishments. Once you build your confidence, rethink your habits and who you surround yourself with. The Wall Street Journal

Secret wealth and dealings of world leaders exposed. The offshore dealings of world leaders, politicians and billionaires have been laid bare in one of the biggest leaks of financial documents. Millions of documents, dubbed the Pandora Papers, reveal the secret transactions of 35 present and former leaders and more than 300 public officials. The leak could prove embarrassing for the British government, which has repeatedly failed to act on promises to introduce a register of offshore property owners despite concerns that buyers could be hiding money-laundering activities. The Sunday Times

A Study reveals long Covid toll. More than one-third of people infected with coronavirus will experience at least one symptom of long Covid, a new study has found. Researchers studied more than 270,000 people recovering from Covid and found 37% of patients had at least one long Covid symptom diagnosed three to six months after infection. The most commonplace symptoms were breathing issues, abdominal problems, fatigue, pain and anxiety or depression. University of Oxford

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