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Magic mushrooms may ease depression. Scientists have found that magic mushrooms could be used as a treatment for depression. A phase-two clinical trial has revealed that two doses of psilocybin, when combined with psychological therapy, appear to be as effective as the common antidepressant escitalopram in treating moderate to severe major depressive disorder. However, the experts at Imperial College London have warned against using magic mushrooms bought illegally for “DIY treatment”. Daily Mail

It’s okay to be quiet in meetings. Sometimes meetings can feel like survival of the loudest – but staying quiet can pay off. But the people we should take note of during meetings are those who talk least. The quiet people are secretly the doers that make a company tick: they listen and pay close attention to what’s being said, making them the ones who are learning the most. People talking too much do so because of their ego; we should all try to get our ideas across in as few words as possible. Editor

Zoom CEO tired of video meetings. The billionaire founder of Zoom admitted that even he is suffering from Zoom fatigue. Eric Yuan said that one day last year, he had had 19 video meetings in a row, and that he was so tired of it all. The teleconferencing software became popular during the pandemic, when many people were working from home. Yuan is planning to call his employees back into the office for at least two days a week. The Daily Mail

Study finds Covid worsened inequality. Higher savings and rocketing house prices have made the average household £7,800 richer during the pandemic, the Resolution Foundation has found. However, the think tank said the gains overwhelmingly benefited middle and highincome households, which means a worsening of wealth inequality. A senior economist said policy makers could “no longer afford to ignore the dominant role wealth is playing in 21st-century Britain”. The Guardian

The best cities for remote work. If you could work from anywhere, where would you choose? Online housing portal Nestpick has released a list of cities that are best suited to #digitalnomads. The top 10 – Melbourne, Dubai, Sydney, Tallinn, London, Tokyo, Singapore, Glasgow, Montreal and Berlin – stand out for offering visas specifically for visitors who want to stay for long periods to work independently. Other factors that helped to rank the 75 cities include infrastructure, rents, pollution, vaccination rates and more. CNBC

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