Maritime Law

Many people own Yachts here on the Costa del Sol due to the wonderful climate we enjoy. Note some Maritime Law aspects in Spain

A Spanish Lawyer

If you intend to purchase a Spanish property, its essential to use a Spanish lawyer

The benefits of having a Spanish Will

The benefits of having a Spanish Will are tremendous, it saves a huge amount of time, can be used as a tool to reduce taxes and it is less expensive for the beneficiaries than executing an English or foreign will.

The Role of Spanish Public Notaries

The notary is one of the key figures of traditional Spanish society, along with other notables, such as the doctor and the priest. They do much more than just verify signatures and therefore, have a more elevated role than in the UK or USA.

Why do you need a Spanish Lawyer?

The most valuable piece of advice anyone could give you before approaching a legal matter on the sunny coasts of Spain is: “When in Rome, you must do as the Romans do!”.