Is it a dogs life – И это собачья жизнь – Vida de perros

Dogs give us total love and loyalty every day, but do we deserve it? Too many dogs are mistreated, made to fight, bred for profit and killed because they don’t have homes. What is it like in Spain? – Каждый день собаки отдают нам бесконечную любовь и преданность, но заслуживаем ли мы её? – Los perros nos dan amor total y lealtad todos los días, pero ¿nos lo merecemos?

Super Dogs

Whilst the so called “Super models” are strutting their stuff at The London and Paris Fashion Weeks, a far more attractive bunch of models are gathered in Birmingham

Feathered Friends

If you haven’t room or time for a dog or cat, Lovebirds make interesting and low maintenance pets

Gestation Period for Dogs

The period between conception and giving birth is between 58 and 64 days. Naturally, the larger breeds the longer is the period.