Pony Club Costa del Sol Estepona

Julia is the best known professional pony club horse riding teacher on the Costa del Sol. She is a qualified BHS - British Horse Society instructor teaching from beginners level to competition standard.
She is particularly skilled to teach children but she also does teach jumping, dressage and other skills up to competition standards. 

Julia Gladstone is a well known B.H.S. (British Horse Society) instructor on the Costa del Sol. She is known to parents from all over the world who come to ask Julia to teach their children how to ride. 
She can teach riding at all levels, however she is particularly known for her special skills to teach children. 
Of course if you are an adult or need advanced riding tuition, instruction to B.H.S. standards is available to teach riding for jumping, dressage and so on.

Julia Gladstone
Riding Instructor
working from Escuela de Arte Ecuestre Costa del Sol

TEL:- +34 606 365 367