SpaLife Europe Spain


SpaLife Europe Spain
SpaLife sells the ultimate relaxation product: multimedia spas. Unbeatable price & quality. Straight from the factory to the client.

SpaLife Europe Spain
Casares Costa
 top quality hot tubs
outstanding service & guarantee
straight from the factory to the client
competitive pricing

Spalife Europe
With our head office in Holland and our production unit in the U.S, SpaLife is gaining more and more customers across Europe. With stores in Holland, Belgium, Poland and now launching in Spain we are expanding rapidly and are acting upon the trend of owning the ultimate relaxation product, a multimedia spa. We believe it's not only about the massage, but it's the combination of hot water, massage and a good entertainment system that makes people relax completely and enjoy our spas to the max.

Straight from the factory to the consumer
More and more people experience having a spa as the ultimate enjoyment. With family and friends or, on the contrary, they enjoy on their own to completely relax. SpaLife Europe delivers straight to the consumerfrom our ultramodern production unit in the U.S where spas have been sold for decades.

Especially for the European market
As the European end user has different requirements from a spa, special spas have been developed to ensure that the European consumer preferences can be met. The result is a superior spa for a very attractive price. It becomes quite obvious why SpaLife has grown to become the market leader in multimedia spas when you also consider the offered guarantee arrangement and our unique service concept.

Let the enjoyment begin
You can undoubtedly find cheaper spas. A SpaLife spa, however, will guarantee many years of carefree enjoyment. This already starts in our mood room where you will be given the opportunity to test our spas before you buy one. Only then will you experience the fantastic feeling and therapeutic working of the many jet streams and hot water, while watching your favourite TV program, favourite movie or listening to your favourite music.

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