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My casa online

Mycasaonline is a new interactive website that saves time and minimizes problems for apartment owners.

 Interactive website for howeowners
English & Spanish
Free text messages between neighbours
Urbanization Forum
Free online property listing service + photographs
Text and email notifications from your administrator or president

Mycasaonline is a new interactive website that saves time and minimizes problems for apartment owners.

Very often, foreign owners of Spanish property lose insight, and lack a connection, to what happens in their urbanization as a result of language barriers and non-residence in Spain. Mycasaonline allows homeowners to access practical and personalized information about their property, urbanization and local area at the touch of a button from all corners of the world.

Among its many features, most foreign homeowners are attracted to Mycasaonline’s free text message alert system that allows neighbours to notify each other in the case of a serious matter. For example, if a neighbour notices a leak dripping in from an upstairs apartment, the downstairs resident can quickly bring it to their neighbour’s attention by completing an online form and inputting the appropriate apartment number. A text message and email will be automatically sent to the neighbour in question. Another useful feature of special importance to foreign owners is the urbanization forum, which faciliates communication between neighbours. This is an easy and free way for neighbours to keep in contact with each other and to voice opinions and concerns.

Mycasaonline is especially useful for new neighbours to an area as it provides local area photography, descriptions and contact lists. Currently a local tradesperson directory is being developed which will take the stress out of finding a reliable local plumber, electrician, etc.. It will also benefit tradespeople by allowing them to geographically aim their business message at a specific city, town or village, ensuring that they can be found by potential clients. Homeowners can also list their property for free on the Mycasaonline website and go one step further by providing general photographs of the urbanization.

As almost every apartment block in Spain appoints a property administrator to manage the building, Mycasaonline facilitates more efficient commuication between property administrators and homeowners by providing homeowners with the option to connect to an administrator´s website, which is provided free-of-charge by Mycasaonline. Language barriers and time constraints are minimized through the use of online English language administrator contact forms. These forms are especially useful when reporting urbanization breakdowns and changing your direct debit details for community fee payment. Homeowners can keep-up-to-date with community meetings, meeting minutes and the yearly accounts with email and text notifications from their administrator. Say goodbye to the days when you arrived at your apartment complex to find out that the pool has been closed for the winter. With Mycasaonline you can remain informed of all changes within your urbanization through the digital library that holds messages posted by the administrator.

Homeowners will be happy to know that the Mycasaonline website has been designed with security in mind. All users are issued with a username and password that protects their confidentiality and all users that participate in the forum, text and email alert system are identifiable by their apartment number. Mobile numbers and email addresses are not made accessible to users – users input the apartment number when they wish to contact another neighbour.

Mycasaonline´s client base currently comprises primary residence owners who are mainly located in Madrid and secondary residence owners in Spanish coastal areas who are mainly English speakers.

Any owner of a property on a development can request the service from his/her community president, property administrator, or directly from Mycasaonline. Once the urbanization has contracted the service, it takes between 7-15 days to activate the urbanization website. Mycasaonline fully maintains the website and should you require any help, an English speaking cutomer service team is always available. An interactive website costs €2 per month per property and is sold to the entire urbanization. As an introductory offer Mycasaonline is currently offering the interactive websites at €900 + VAT per year to a limited number of urbanizations who contract the service before August 31st 2008. For more detailed information please contact us by mail or call 902.996.098 or simply fill out the contact form on our website and a member of staff will contact you shortly.

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