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Mills & Mills Medical Group

Mills & Mills Medical Group
Mills & Mills Medical Group is a Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine company based in Marbella, and is owned by David and Debra Mills, respected professionals in the UK Cosmetic Surgery industry.

Mills & Mills Medical Group
MHC International Private Hospital
 Over 25 years experience in the UK
Aesthetic Medicine & Nonsurgical Treatments
Cosmetic Dentistry
Obesity Surgery & Weight Loss Treatments
Cosmetic surgery for women & men
FREE Consultation with a qualified surgeon

Mills & Mills Medical Group is a professional cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine company. Established by respected UK cosmetic surgery professionals, the company specialises in offering men & women the opportunity to be treated by experienced, qualified cosmetic surgeons in one of Europe’s most medically advanced hospitals in Marbella, Spain.

The company’s completely personalised approach is called its ‘Circle of Care’. This not only encompasses the cosmetic procedure performed in Spain and travel and accommodation, but also a free consultation with a surgeon in the UK and follow-up aftercare in the UK, or in Andalucia for Spanish residents.

Mills & Mills offers clients affordable prices, the confidence of being within the EU, as well as high levels of medical care within a multi-lingual private hospital. In addition, clients benefit from a climate and environment that is perfect for a relaxing and enjoyable recovery break, ensuring clients are well rested and healthy before returning home.

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