Marbella Mahjong Club

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Marbella Mahjong Club

Marbella Mahjong Club
Hi and welcome to the Marbella Mahjong Club! For all players of mahjong Meet every Friday and have fun playing mahjong

Marbella Mahjong Club
Buenavista 11, 1222
Urb. La Quinta Golf
 Mahjong Beginners Welcome
Free Mahjong Lessons

The Club is for people who want to learn and play together. Mahjong is an exciting and addictive game, but also stimulating. We welcome everybody, men and women; beginners and experts. Mahjong is a unique turn-based game involving strategy and calculation, and a certain degree of chance but we insist on Mahjong being a challenging game of skill, not a game of luck! In spite of being of Eastern origin, Mahjong is a game that translates into all languages. If a mental challenge is what you want, mahjong is definitely the game, for it was often called the “game of a hundred intelligences” simply because it required much concentration. Are you a fan of bridge, gin, whisk and other card games? Then Mahjong is your game! Play for yourself! No partners to glare at you for wrong bidding or play! We welcome everybody, men and women; beginners and experts. Lessons are given at NO additional cost! I was born in Hong Kong where Mahjong is passionately played by the young and old, and grew up listening to the clattering sounds of tiles and shouts of PONG!  Our entire family and nearly all our friends are enthralled with the game.

It was just three years ago that I set up the Chateau Elan Mahjong Club in the States.  In no time it grew into a club with 60 members, all of whom new to the game and are now hard-core mahjonggers, playing twice a week and participating in regular tournaments.  This is what one of ladies had to say :

“Thank you from me for your soft-spoken but hard nosed leadership. How is that for doublespeak?   I still make mistakes but you have given our group tools to do our best if  we listen and eliminate mistakes.  Understanding the big picture has to help.  I’m hooked and I love playing.  Not to mention the new friends I’ve been able to meet and get to know. You’ve been a great leader for us all”

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