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Estepona Osteopathic Clinic

Paul Knight BSc (Hons) UK Registered Osteopath, offers osteopathy clinics to solve many problems in Estepona and Gibraltar in a friendly environment, including back and neck pain, joint pain, sciatica, trapped nerves, sports injuries, postural problems, problems during pregnancy and arthritis symptoms. Home visits are also available.

Specialist in treatment for back , neck and pain in the extremities , sports injuries, children and pregnant women.

Paul Knight Osteopathy  has clinics in Estepona and Gibraltar to provide osteopathic treatment in a pleasant environment including: back and neck pain joint pain , sciatica, trapped nerves sports injuries, postural problems , problems during pregnancy and arthritis symptoms .

After some biomechanical evaluations   and medical historypatients are examined to find the cause of the problem. Treatment consists of massage, muscle tretching, joint mobilizations and joint manipulations We also give advice on stretching and exercises to reinforce treatment and help prevent recurrence of the injury.

 visiting service is also available.

Sports injuries
Back pains
Sciatica and nerve pain
Pregnant Mothers
Neck, back and joint pain
Cranial Treatment for Adults, Infants, and Children

Clínica Osteopatia Estepona - Osteopata
Paul Knight BSc (Hons)
Avda de España, 124 - 1D
Estepona 29680

TEL:- +34 625 957 673 & +350 200 40563 Gibraltar