Dolphin Safari

Dolphin Safari
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Dolphin Safari

Dolphin Safari
We have been operating dolphin watching trips from Gibraltar since 1969. WE ARE THE FIRST AND THE ORIGINAL DOLPHIN SAFARI.

Dolphin Safari
Marina Bay
 Guaranteed front Line Viewing
Ample room to move around
360º View of Dolphins
Safe & Steady
Unforgettable Experience

Enjoy one and a half unforgettable hour of fun and thrills as we follow wild dolphins and sometimes even migratory whales on our trip through the Bay of Gibraltar and into the Straits of Gibraltar where the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea meet.

To assist us, our satellite navigation system can pinpoint any sightings and formulate patterns of movement, so bring your cameras to get perfect pictures from the perfectly stable platform on the Original Dolphin Safari TM boat. They come so close to their old friend our Goldfin that you may even touch them!

There will be a light-hearted commentary (or more indepth for those who enjoy me blabbing on!) on what we see including information about other wildlife such as flying fish, turtles and many species of birds; ships; Spain, Morocco and Gibraltar history. Remember you will also enjoy a sightseeing tour of the southernmost and northernmost points of Europe and Africa.

The Original Dolphin Safari TM was chosen as the best way to see dolphins in the area by Sir David Attenborough and other international journalists and field scientists. It has featured in the BBC’s “First Eden”; “Lost Worlds”; “Do You Want A Holiday?”; Nick Owen and family’s “Good Morning” series; ITV’s “The Magic of the Dolphin” plus among many publications the BBC Wildlife Magazine April 1997, ’96 and ’93 editions. We have also been the focus of the University of Bristol Dolphin Survey and “Green Umbrella” – filming in 1997.

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