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To be heard and not be seen

SONANCE is the creator and consistent leader in the Architectural Audio category since it was founded 37 years ago in California

Sonance is widely recognized. Homeowners and integrators all over the world are using Sonance solutions to unleash a refined experience; the ultimate in design and sound performance.

Speakers that are designed to disappear The concept is that technology should disappear into the architecture. This simple philosophy continues to inspire every SONANCE product. The hidden audio solutions deliver an even, balanced sound experience that is nothing short of magical, blending into and style, installation, and budget to deliver an elevated experience that is designed to disappear from sight. The range of products The selection of sound distribution possibilities is designed to cover every possible aspect ranging from wall-to-wall, surround sound, outdoor, electronics residential and commercial. They have an unmatched reputation when it comes to speakers, a range of innovative, aesthetically conscious home and business technology solutions that go far beyond sound.

With a wide range of solutions that are designed to disappear, SONANCE has cultivated long-standing, authentic partnerships with leading architects, interior design professionals, custom installers, design-conscious consumers and end-users, from their home base in San Clement, California throughout the world.

The whole SONANCE range of products and systems is now available at EDISONING. Although EDISONING provide the whole SONANCE RANGE they choose this opportunity to introduce the “INVISIBLE” series of speakers to demonstrate the high level achievable with these products.


MOTION FLEX TECHNOLOGY A suite of advancements in invisible speaker engineering for unparalleled acoustic performance from an invisible speaker

WAVE FLEX DRIVE UNIT High-bandwidth midrange and high-frequency transducer that leverage the bending-wave principle, delivering velvetysmooth mids and crystal-clear highs

AIR FLEX WOOFER Glass-fiber woofer coupled to an acoustically inert diaphragm to move a pocket of air like a piston for robust and powerful bass

ACOUSTICALLY ISOLATED BAFFLE The diaphragm is split into two active areas that are completely isolated to enable ultra-low distortion sonic transparency like never before

CONSTANT DIRECTIVITY CROSSOVER The proprietary Sonance CDX provides uniquely smooth off-axis frequency response for greater fidelity and coverage and almost 180° of horizontal and vertical

SONANCE DEPTH IDENIFICATION SENSING CALIBRATION (DISC) SYSTEM Uses a high-accuracy depth gauge and embedded locator discs to measure the thickness of a finish applied over the surface of a Sonance Invisible Speaker, allowing for a consistent finish and performance within specifications every time

In addition SONANCE also specialize in a series of outdoor high performance invisible speakers adapting to the various possible locations such landscape, garden or just simply garden, Each with kts own series and numerable possibilities.

For further enquiries or to experience first-hand the magic of “Beyond Sound” contact or visit EDISONING

So much more than speakers

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